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List of Dakar Rally Car ,Truck and Moto Champions

The Dakar rally formerly known as “The Paris-Dakar” or “Paris to Dakar Rally”) is an annual rally raid type of off-road automobile race, organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation. The rally originated in 1978, a year after racer Thierry Sabine got lost in the desert and decided that it would be a good location for a regular rally. Originally, the rally was from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal, interrupted by a transfer across the Mediterranean. However, due to politics and other factors, the course, including origin and destination, has varied over the years. Security threats in Mauritania led to the cancellation of the 2008 rally.

The race is open to amateur and professional entries. Amateurs typically make up about eighty percent of the participants.

The three major competitive groups in the Dakar are the bike(moto) class (including the quadbikes sub-class), the car class, (which ranges from buggies to small SUVs), and the T4 truck class.

The 2013 Dakar rally will take place January 5th to the 20th and will be run in three stages, starting in Lima, Peru, going through Tucuman, Argentina, and then finishing up in Santiago.

The Dakar rally car class Champions:

Year Route Make & model Driver and Co-driver
2012 Mar del Plata–
Mini All 4 Racing Stéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2011 Buenos Aires-Arica Volkswagen Touareg Nasser Al-Attiyah, Timo Gottschalk
2010 Buenos Aires-Antofagasta Volkswagen Touareg Carlos Sainz, Lucas Cruz
2009 Buenos Aires-Valparaiso Volkswagen Touareg Giniel de Villiers, Dirk von Zitzewitz
2007 Lisbon-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Stéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2006 Lisbon-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Luc Alphand, Gilles Picard
2005 Barcelona-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Stéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2004 Clermont-Ferrand- Mitsubishi Pajero Stéphane Peterhansel, Jean-Paul Cottret
2003 Marseille- Mitsubishi Pajero Hiroshi Masuoka, Andreas Schulz
2002 Arras-Madrid- Mitsubishi Pajero Hiroshi Masuoka, Pascal Maimon
2001 Paris-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Jutta Kleinschmidt, Andreas Schulz
2000 Paris-Dakar-Cairo Schlesser-Renault Buggy Jean-Louis Schlesser, Henri Magne
1999 Granada-Dakar Schlesser-Renault Buggy Jean-Louis Schlesser, Philippe Monnet
1998 Paris-Granada- Mitsubishi Pajero Jean-Pierre Fontenay, Gilles Picard
1997 Dakar-Agades- Mitsubishi Pajero Kenjiro Shinozuka, Henri Magne
1996 Granada-Dakar Citroën ZX Pierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1995 Granada-Dakar Citroën ZX Pierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1994 Paris-Dakar-Paris Citroën ZX Pierre Lartigue, Michel Perin
1993 Paris-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Bruno Saby, Dominique Seriyes
1992 Paris-Sirt- Mitsubishi Pajero Hubert Auriol, Philippe Monnet
1991 Paris-Tripoli- Citroën ZX Ari Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1990 Paris-Tripoli- Peugeot 405 T16 Ari Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1989 Paris-Tunis-Dakar Peugeot 405 T16 Ari Vatanen, Bruno Berglund
1988 Paris-Alger-Dakar Peugeot 205 T16 Juha Kankkunen, Juha Piironen
1987 Paris-Alger-Dakar Peugeot 205 T16 Ari Vatanen, Bernard Giroux
1986 Paris-Alger-Dakar Porsche 959 René Metge, Dominique Lemoyne
1985 Paris-Alger-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Patrick Zaniroli, Jean Da Silva
1984 Paris-Alger-Dakar Porsche 911 René Metge, Dominique Lemoyne
1983 Paris-Alger-Dakar Mercedes 280 G Jacky Ickx, Claude Brasseur
1982 Paris-Alger-Dakar Renault 20 Claude Marreau, Bernard Marreau
1981 Paris-Dakar Range Rover René Metge, Bernard Giroux
1980 Paris-Dakar Volkswagen Iltis Freddy Kottulinsky, Gerd Löffelmann
1979 Paris-Dakar Range Rover Alain Génestier,Joseph Terbiaut
Dar Moto Cross Rally

Dakar Moto

Dakar Moto Class rally Champions:

Year Route Rider Make & model
2012 Mar del Plata–
Cyril Despres KTM 450 Rally
2011 Buenos Aires-Arica Marc Coma KTM 450 Rally
2010 Buenos Aires-Antofagasta Cyril Despres KTM 690 Rally
2009 Buenos Aires-Valparaiso Marc Coma KTM 690 Rally
2007 Lisbon-Dakar Cyril Despres KTM 690 Rally
2006 Lisbon-Dakar Marc Coma KTM LC4 660R
2005 Barcelona-Dakar Cyril Despres KTM LC4 660R
2004 Clermont-Ferrand- Nani Roma KTM LC4 660R
2003 Marseille- Richard Sainct KTM LC4 660R
2002 Arras-Madrid- Fabrizio Meoni KTM LC8 950R
2001 Paris-Dakar Fabrizio Meoni KTM LC4 660R
2000 Paris-Dakar-Cairo Richard Sainct BMW F650RR
1999 Granada-Dakar Richard Sainct BMW F650RR
1998 Paris-Granada- Stéphane Peterhansel Yamaha YZE850T
1997 Dakar-Agades- Stéphane Peterhansel Yamaha YZE850T
1996 Granada-Dakar Edi Orioli Yamaha YZE850T
1995 Granada-Dakar Stéphane Peterhansel Yamaha YZE850T
1994 Paris-Dakar-Paris Edi Orioli Cagiva Elefant 900
1993 Paris-Dakar Stéphane Peterhansel Yamaha YZE850T
1992 Paris-Sirt- Stéphane Peterhansel Yamaha YZE850T
1991 Paris-Tripoli- Stéphane Peterhansel Yamaha YZE750T
1990 Paris-Tripoli- Edi Orioli Cagiva Elefant 900
1989 Paris-Tunis-Dakar Gilles Lalay Honda NXR800V
1988 Paris-Alger-Dakar Edi Orioli Honda NXR800V
1987 Paris-Alger-Dakar Cyril Neveu Honda NXR750V
1986 Paris-Alger-Dakar Cyril Neveu Honda NXR750V
1985 Paris-Alger-Dakar Gaston Rahier BMW GS980R
1984 Paris-Alger-Dakar Gaston Rahier BMW GS980R
1983 Paris-Alger-Dakar Hubert Auriol BMW GS980R
1982 Paris-Alger-Dakar Cyril Neveu Honda XR550
1981 Paris-Dakar Hubert Auriol BMW GS800R
1980 Paris-Dakar Cyril Neveu Yamaha XT500
1979 Paris-Dakar Cyril Neveu Yamaha XT500

Dakar rally truck champions:

Year Route Driver Make
2012 Mar del Plata–
Gérard de Rooy Iveco PowerStar
2011 Buenos Aires-Arica Vladimir Chagin Kamaz
2010 Buenos Aires-Antofagasta Vladimir Chagin Kamaz
2009 Buenos Aires-Valparaiso Firdaus Kabirov Kamaz
2007 Lisbon-Dakar Hans Stacey MAN
2006 Lisbon-Dakar Vladimir Chagin Kamaz
2005 Barcelona-Dakar Firdaus Kabirov Kamaz
2004 Clermont-Ferrand- Vladimir Chagin Kamaz
2003 Marseille- Vladimir Chagin Kamaz
2002 Arras-Madrid- Vladimir Chagin Kamaz
2001 Paris-Dakar Karel Loprais Tatra
2000 Paris-Dakar-Cairo Vladimir Chagin Kamaz
1999 Granada-Dakar Karel Loprais Tatra
1998 Paris-Granada- Karel Loprais Tatra
1997 Dakar-Agades- Peter Reif Hino
1996 Granada-Dakar Viktor Moskovskikh Kamaz
1995 Granada-Dakar Karel Loprais Tatra)
1994 Paris-Dakar-Paris Karel Loprais Tatra
1993 Paris-Dakar Francesco Perlini Perlini
1992 Paris-Sirt- Francesco Perlini Perlini
1991 Paris-Tripoli- Jacques Houssat Perlini
1990 Paris-Tripoli- Villa Perlini
1988 Paris-Alger-Dakar Karel Loprais Tatra
1987 Paris-Alger-Dakar Jan de Rooy DAF
1986 Paris-Alger-Dakar Giacomo Vismara Mercedes-Benz
1985 Paris-Alger-Dakar Karl-Friedrich Capito Mercedes-Benz
1984 Paris-Alger-Dakar Pierre Lalleu Mercedes-Benz
1983 Paris-Alger-Dakar Georges Groine Mercedes-Benz
1982 Paris-Alger-Dakar Georges Groine Mercedes-Benz
1981 Paris-Dakar Adrien Villette ALM/ACMAT
1980 Paris-Dakar Ataquat Sonacome
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